Top Reasons Why Frenchies Are So Popular

Have you noticed that Frenchies are all over the place?  It’s not just your imagination. 

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Frenchies became the second most popular breed in 2020. 

The AKC also claims there has been an 830% increase in this breed’s registration numbers since 2010 and a 62% increase since 2019. 

That’s quite a feat! 

But why are Frenchies so popular?  We are going to answer that question right now.    

They Have a Winning Personality 

French Bulldogs are friendly, affectionate, playful, and fun to be around.  You really can’t beat this dog’s easygoing nature.

Plus, Frenchies are great with kids.  No wonder they are so appealing to families.     

They Are Oh So Adorable

The next time you ask the question, “Why are Frenchies so popular?” just take another look at them.  They are about the cutest thing ever!    

How could anyone resist those pleading eyes, big ears, and endearing wrinkles?  The Frenchie’s charming appearance delights nearly every dog lover.     

Celebrities Have Them

Frenchies have stolen the hearts of celebs like John Legend, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, and so many more. 

When these famous individuals were seen with their own Frenchies, the public became more aware of this breed. 

They Have Taken Social Media by Storm

Just as famous people influence trends, so too does social media.  And the French Bulldog has a very strong presence on Instagram.      

Just look at Manny The Frenchie.  This photogenic pup has become a beloved representative of his breed.  He can’t help but turn his followers into Frenchie fans.       

Their Small Size is Perfect for City Living  

Many of us live in the city.  But our longing for canine companionship hasn’t gone away.

Don’t despair.  A French Bulldog is a great choice for all you dog-loving city slickers.  That’s because this breed is relatively small, making them suitable for city life.   

They Don’t Require Too Much Exercise

Some breeds can go and go.  But Frenchies aren’t one of those breeds.  They only need enough physical activity to prevent weight gain and boredom.   

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, it should be easy to understand why Frenchies are so popular. 

But that doesn’t mean this breed is right for everyone.  Sadly, some pet lovers have excitedly rushed out to get a Frenchie without doing enough research.  This has led to an increase of Frenchies in rescue organizations.    

So please make sure the Frenchie is right for you before committing to this breed.  If you can care for one, you will love living with this fun, adorable dog!