If Your Frenchie Is Older than 5-Years, and Is Showing Signs of Aging... You Need to Know About this Pet Ramp  

By Melissa Reyes, Owner of The Frenchie Supply

Don't Risk Your Frenchie's Health or Deal with Expensive Surgery

Ifyour Frenchie is older than 5-years, has had back/flexibility problems, or is always low on energy — you'll want to read on and ensure they're safe and as healthy as possible. Specifically, be sure to take care of their spine and back, as they are extremely vulnerable to IVDD. They may be already showing signs of the disease. Your Frenchie deserves to be comfortable and healthy, act NOW before serious health complications. 

Have you heard of IVDD?

Have you heard of IVDD? As a Frenchie owner, you need to be very aware. Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) is the thinning and potential loss of cushioning between spinal vertebrae—an extremely common disease that affects many dogs—particularly Frenchies, due to their compact size, fragile bodies and extremely playful nature.

Danger to Frenchies

Particularly for Frenchies, as they age their spines and discs within them can thin, fragment, and even herniate. Some Frenchies lose the ability to walk correctly, and may get confined to bedrest. Others unfortunately, may need surgery, which can cost anywhere from $1500 to $5000 (or more!) depending on the severity. 

IVDD at it's worst, may leave dog parents with a difficult decision to part ways with their pups—possibly euthanasia—as the pain and suffering may be too much for their Frenchie to handle.

Thankfully, a simple treatment was found, specifically built to help prevent IVDD. 

The team at The Frenchie Supply Company is fully aware of the problem, and as loving Frenchie owners themselves, were on the hunt for a solution.

A Simple and Effective Solution to IVDD: The Frenchie Supply Pet Ramp

When The Frenchie Supply's Pet Ramp was released in 2020, it's first happy customers immediately started flooding social media with their stories.  it is quickly becoming the go-to pet ramp, especially for French Bulldog owners. Such a simple, but effective tool is key in preventing injury. Read on to find out why!

This newly developed pet ramp helps Frenchies gently walk—NOT JUMP—on and off couches and beds... And Frenchie parents are raving about it!

Jumping or climbing stairs takes a toll on your Frenchies back. The constant, everyday pressure compresses and hurts the spine and vertebrae.  This simple and effective ramp will help prevent injury

No longer will your Frenchie jump and injure their fragile spines.

The most common cause of IVDD comes from Frenchies constantly jumping off beds and couches, putting extreme pressure onto their spines and vertebrae discs. IVDD can rob your Frenchie of the basic joys of everyday life: walking, playing and eating.

Maybe you've seen posts from frantic Frenchie owners, either raising money for an urgent surgery, their pup now confined to "bed rest" — he/she unable to leave a small area (usually 3ft x 3ft) as they rest and recover, or now having to use a "doggie wheelchair" to get around. 

And that is what is great about this simple and effective device: You can help prevent a catastrophic disease with may require expensive surgery.

These pet ramps are extremely sturdy, strengthened by solid pine. Every ramp is hand-built in the USA, not in an overseas factory. 

The Frenchie Supply's pet ramp is masterfully crafted, in a small backyard shed, in a home right outside San Francisco, California. Built in small quantities, usually only 3-4 per day, The Frenchie Supply (wife and husband) team together: 

  • Measure and cut strips of sturdy pine to build the frame
  • Glue, Fasten and Screw the carpeted ramp together
  • Sand all edges for a fine, no-splinter finish
  • Stain/Paint and Coat with high quality Polyurethane to protect for years from claws and teeth

Every single one of their ramps is "built with love—strong and sturdy to last a lifetime."

Is your Frenchie showing any of these IVDD Symptoms? It's time to see the vet.

Your pup may show these possible symptoms of a herniated disc. If any of these signs are present, it's time to see your veterinarian. 

  • Refusal to life the head
  • Arched back - Neck muscle spasms - Dragging feet - Stumbling or Falling
  • Difficulty using back legs - Inability to use back legs - Back Pain
  • Loss of appetite - Low Energy or Attention

At the Vet, the diagnostic process for identifying IVDD often includes: A neurological exam, physical exam, possibly X-Rays and/or an MRI. Needless to say: It can be time intensive and quiet expensive. Again, prevention is key to avoid the worry and potential health issues.

IVDD is a common, preventable disease. Don't rob your Frenchie's ability to live life normally.

Treating IVDD depends on the severity of the case. A ramp is nearly always recommended.

Knowing how fragile and delicate the Frenchie back and body is, it is important to prevent and treat such debilitating diseases like IVDD.  The backs, legs and nerves of all Frenchies should be protected with a ramp. It is an absolute MUST for all French Bulldogs over 5 years old, and an excellent investment for younger ones as well. 

How to get the Best Deal on the Frenchie Supply Ramp

Since the Frenchie Supply Pet Ramp is built-by-hand, it often goes out of stock.  Hundreds of Frenchies and their owners patiently wait for the ramp to go back in stock. There is no waiting list, so to get yours, Click on the link below and see if they are currently available. 

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