6 Reasons Why Frenchies Are So Expensive

Have you ever wondered, “Why are Frenchies so expensive?”  You can find out by reading this article. Let’s dive right in! 

Natural Breeding Often Isn’t Possible

A French Bulldog’s short legs and narrow hips make it difficult for this breed to mate.  That’s why breeders resort to artificial insemination—and that can be pretty costly. 

First, the breeder needs to find a stud, which can be around $2,000. 

Yikes!  But that’s not all.

The breeder must also pay for the sperm to be shipped, checked and inserted into the female dog.  Overall, it’s a lengthy and thorough process that adds time and cost—that the breeder often passes along to buyers.

Natural Delivery Also Isn’t Possible

Just as Frenchies can’t mate, they also can’t naturally deliver a litter.  That’s why a C-section is required when it’s time for the mother to give birth. 

This procedure can cost anywhere from $500-$2,000.  And although it’s necessary, it’s also somewhat risky.   

Frenchies Tend to Have Small Litters

A French Bulldog will normally have about 2-4 puppies.  According to the American Kennel Club, litters bigger than 5 puppies are quite rare. 

With so few puppies available, the breeder must charge more for each one.     

Post-Pregnancy Care is Difficult

After going through a C-section, the mother needs to recover from her major procedure.  This healing process can be painful and cause bleeding for 7 days.

During that time, the breeder should give her some extra TLC.  The mother must also be watched carefully to ensure she recovers properly and stays comfortable. 

The Breeder Might Have to Become the Mother

Due to the unnatural birthing process, some Frenchies lack motherly instincts.  In those cases, breeders need to take the mother’s place.   

As you can probably imagine, that job requires a tremendous amount of time and energy.  It even involves bottle feeding every few hours for the first several weeks.    

French Bulldogs Are in High Demand

We’ve already talked about the French Bulldog’s expensive breeding process, small litter sizes, and difficult post-pregnancy care. 

But we also want to mention another reason why Frenchies are so expensive.  That reason is high demand.

Frenchies are very popular, and it’s easy to understand why.  After all, they are adorable, fun, and great with people.  With popularity, of course, increases their price. These cuddly and cute faces don’t come cheap, for sure.

In Conclusion

French Bulldogs aren’t easy to breed.  Nor are they prolific breeders.  Yet they are loved and wanted by many dog enthusiasts.

And that’s why Frenchies are so expensive.  But if you really love the breed and are ready for a dog, your fur baby will be worth every penny!