Does Apoquel Work for Frenchies?

Allergies are a common issue and annoyance for for all French Bulldogs and their owners. General itchiness, red and inflammed skin, puffy paws and skin folds that stink can all be signs of an allergic reaction. Whether it's the season, specific food or environment, many have turned to Apoquel as an option. Our pup Lani has been on the med nearly her entire life, here are some of our experiences:

  • Try to find the source and root cause of the allergy. Apoquel can help mask some of the symptoms, but there may be an underlying cause to the issues. We've found the key is to test, test and test. Trying new foods has helped wonders, over time seeing that that Lani prefers a grain-free diet that is also free of chicken. Environmentally, we've also seen certain (nearly all) types of grass irritate her skin, so the dogpark with fake turf/grass has been amazing for us. Certain times of the season also bring different pollens and allergens, so there are certain times of the year (August to October) where we know what to expect. 
  • Apoquel has helped considerably, but hasn't fully solved her dry skin, rashes and redness. Occasionally, we've gone few days without the med when our supply runs out and the new one is on order. Her allergies have seemed to flare up and get worse during these times--but, getting her back onto the medicine consistently has again helped considerably.
  • Many Frenchies are between 20-30lbs, small enough to not need the entire Apoquel capsule. Read your specific label to determine the correct amount, but at 1000mg, you're likely to be cutting these pills into quarters. A basic blade will do wonders—don't mix with knives or cutting utencils that will come into contact with your food. 
  • We haven't experienced any side affects, at all. Still, it's wise to monitor and watch your pup's demeanor and attitude especially during the first week. 

We've overall extremely happy with Apoquel, and how Lani has responded. The folds around her nose, fur in-between her paws, and skin around her eyes are no longer puffy all year. Flare-ups aren't as often, and she spends much less time licking her itchy areas.