Are Frenchies Good Pets?


We'll do our best for an honest and unbiased review—but as we've always said, we're crazy for Frenchies and love everything about them! Still, we can give you some great tips if you're thinking of adding a pup to your family.

Here are the things we considered when looking for a good pet:

  • Low maintenance 
  • Good with kids
  • Easy to groom
  • Portable (lol!)

Low maintenance: As with everything, this depends. For us, our Frenchies are full of energy and fun—until they tire themselves out pretty quickly, and turn into napping machines. We'll truthfully walk them 4-5 times a week, and for the most part that'll take care of their exercise and energy. Lani sleeps and chills, either on you or atop a stack of laundry. With a newborn also in tow and taking much of our time, we don't worry much about our Frenchie needing extra attention. 

Good with kids: You heard us, we've got a newborn and almost 4 months in, we're starting to see these two sisters get along and know that they'll be best friends in the future. Sure, the first few weeks saw our Frenchie quite jealous and attention hungry, but there was never, ever, a thought in our mind that Lani would do anything malicious. She's a caring member of the family, and we see her licking baby feet quite often lol. Our family is quite large, and other kids aged 3-10 come by frequently. Lani is gentle and playful, but we do teach her not to jump, paw or knock them over!

Easy to groom: All dogs will need some type of maintenance, and luckily for us this short-haired breed has been relatively easy. Baths come every other week, along with a blow-dry and brushing session. Lani actually loves bathtime, and she fits easily in our kitchen sink. A 10min session of shampoo and conditioner will get the job done. Hair does shed a moderate amount during season changes (winter coat), but a brushing will do wonders. Some dogs will let you snip, trim or file their nails--our suggestion is to start this when young so they're used to the sound, position and feel. 

Portable: King, our English Bulldog was the original big boy, and he was exactly that: a big boy! 60lbs of pure joy, he was a beast of an animal to take along. Lani, at 24lbs, is compact and also full of pure joy—except she fits underneath our stroller for trips to the mall and Home Depot. We often take her along in the shopping cart or let her walk freely if the store(s) are pet friendly (hint: nearly all are!). With her being a petite little thing, she comes along with us nearly everywhere, removing our reliance on a dog sitter or having to head home early from an outing. Having her by our side (even at work) has been a game-changer and truly makes our time together special.