Coronavirus: Staying Home with our Frenchie

What a time. We're living through a generation-defining moment, and through it all, our advice is to search for a silver lining. In our cases, it's a brindle, cream, fawn or white lining. Yep, our pups are here to enlighten our lives. Seriously, our bright spots through dark days. We want to wish our fur-friends and their parents all our blessings, good luck and great juju—we'll make it through this together.

Regardless of how you feel with this ongoing pandemic, our amazing Frenchies are along for the ride. Is there a positive we can take from this all? Sure: more snuggles, more playtime, more walks and more time together. In California, after 4 months of a lockdown-type of culture, we're quite sure our baby brindle Lani simply loves our increased company. We know she's noticed the change, and takes full advantage... sitting by the front door, begging for another walk.

There are no tricks, no tips, no advice, no recommendations today. It's simply to live fully, joyfully, and thankfully: in our everyday lives and in the moments with our amazing pups.